Lija a showroom  3 floors of offices including the reception and waiting area, the Board Room and executive offices and some more offices and a big archive room on the upper floor. Just in front of the property on the outer area there are additional car park spaces which can be used by visitors/ customers.


The total internal area including the Showroom at Ground floor is 1,830 sq m or 1,680 sq m excluding the showroom. Below kindly find the total areas per floor for your attention;


Basement Level –                                         560 sq m

Back Yard –                                                    67 sq m

Ground floor (excluding showroom) –     398 sq m

Showroom (Ground Floor) –                      150 sq m

First Floor –                                                   560 sq m

Second Floor –                                              162 sq m


The offices include office furniture, glass partitions, shelving etc. and is being sold

A viewing on site to help you understand better the areas is recommended.